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  • Pisanice "How To" Booklet
    $10.00 *** PISANICE ~ A Guide to Decorating Croatian Easter Eggs *** By Sandra Larson
    In Croatia, there is a very long tradition of coloring eggs, decorating them with many signs and symbols considered to be good luck. To say the eggs are "painted" falls far short of the intense...
  • Front Cover
    $15.00 CD ~ Tajci - "I Thirst" ~The Crucifixion Story ~
    Many Croatians, both those who live in Croatia, as well as those of us who live outside its borders, know of TAJCI, who at 17 years old became the #1 singing star in Croatia. However, some folks are not aware that Tajci, at...
  • DVD ~ MAKING POVITICA ~ Croatian Nut Bread
    $19.95 DVD ~ MAKING POVITICA ~ Croatian Nut Bread
    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Between 1890 and 1910, thousands of Croatians left their country to find a new life in America. Kansas City, Kansas, became home to many of these immigrants who found employment in the many...